Manning Sumner, founder of Legacy Fit gym, is known for his incredible ability to transform lives. In doing so, he started a No Days OFF philosophy in which he not only leads his clients with, but is slowly leading the nation. The No Days OFF movement is about never taking a day off on YOU.  Doing more than is required with an attitude of gratitude. A combination of going to the gym, enjoying a healthy meal, or doing something that makes you happy every day is the No Days OFF way of life. 

This is the philosophy that inspired the @NoDaysOFF brand. By creating this brand, Sumner is spreading awareness of the movement globally and inspiring individuals everywhere to live the No Days OFF lifestyle. “I want my philosophy to be accessible to everyone because no one is too small to make a difference in the lives of those around us,” said Manning.

 It encourages everyone from Hall of Fame athletes, men and women, children and senior citizens to become the best version of themselves every day. The collection serves as a reminder to bring intensity and focus to all areas of your life. The brand is an opportunity to invite others to make every day count. No Days OFF brand reflects attitude, effort, consistency and getting one step closer to another success story.

Everything is designed and produced locally, in Miami Florida, as a reflection of where the movement was born. The passion and message behind the #NoDaysOFF gear is what makes it different compared to its competitors. Shop No Days OFF not only offers high-quality designs, for optimal training but it serves as your motivation to stay dedicated to the lifestyle. Every person No Days OFF touches, is another opportunity to impact something extraordinary. By shopping No Days OFF gear, you are committing to move in the direction of the No Days OFF way of life and joining our growing family.