Powered by purpose.

When I started Legacy gyms 15 years ago, I saw an opportunity to create a fitness system that was powered by a philosophy that truly inspired people. That philosophy, No Days Off, is at the heart of everything I do. And, it inspired me to design fitness apparel that could stand on its own beyond our gyms. I wanted everyone who wore it and saw it to be inspired, no matter where they worked out. I wanted people to wear our apparel with a sense of pride, knowing that it stands for something more than just clothing.

Never take a day off on you.

The No Days Off community is united by their unrelenting commitment to self-improvement. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, where you’ve been, or what you look like. If you’re dedicated to showing up, making the effort, and improving yourself so that you can serve and inspire those around you, then you are living a No Days Off lifestyle.

Our apparel is designed to make you look and feel your best in your effort to become your best self. For us, it starts with health and fitness, but it goes beyond the gym walls to include every aspect of life. Effort sets an example. Effort is sexy. Effort deserves designer-quality fabrics and cuts. When you wear our apparel, you are representing a movement that celebrates your dedication to self-improvement and and making communities healthier and stronger.